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Japanese Tensha Focal Beads
Tensha beads are amazing handmade beads from Japan, and make stunning pieces of jewelry.
'Tensha' translates to mean 'transfer', the method by which these beads are made.
Tensha beads are acrylic and highly decorated in beautiful details. The decoration is
hand applied and sealed in with a clear acrylic layer so it cannot chip or peel.
Enjoy designing!


Single Pink Rose Black Focal Tensha Bead
OF102-Single Pink Rose Black
Oval 32 x 20 x 9mm-$4.50
Single Blue Rose Clear Drop Focal
DF108-Single Blue Rose Clear
Drop-30 x 16mm $4.50
Pink Frost Pink Rose Heart Focal
HF103-Pink Rose Pink Frost
Heart-23 x 23 x 9mm $4.50
Pink Rose White Focal Tensha Bead
OF114-Pink Rose White
Oval-32 x 20 x 9mm $4.50
Single Pink Rose Clear Drop Focal
DF111-Single Pink Rose Clear
Drop-30 x 16mm $4.50
Peacock Black Drop Focal
DF104-Peacock Black
Drop-30 x 16mm $4.50
Pink Rose Frost Drop Focal
DF109-Pink Rose Frost
Drop-30 x 16mm $4.50
Single Pink Rose Frost Oval Focal Tensha Bead
OF106-Pink Rose Frost
Oval-32 x 20 x 9mm $4.50
Peacock Black Focal Tensha Bead
OF108-Peacock Black
Oval-32 x 20 x 9mm $4.50
Iris Crystal Focal Tensha Bead
OF107-Iris Crystal Focal
Oval-32x20x9mm $4.50

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